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Living together means deciding together!

From Tuesday 26 October to Saturday 30 October, we will be holding our first town referendum so that you can have your say.

The four issues to be voted on :

The Citizens’ Convention on Climate, which proposes measures aimed at combatting global warming, has called for a halt to the deployment of 5G (very high-speed Internet) so that its environmental impact can be studied. The government does not agree.

Opinions are divided: some believe that by providing faster Internet, 5G would boost the economy and increase connectivity and the use of autonomous things. For others, on the other hand, it represents outlay: more expensive plans, new phones and higher energy consumption for relative gains compared with 4G.

Debate continues as regards its health implications. 5G raises issues around health, data security and the environment.

To deploy it, 5G network providers need to recalibrate their current antennas or install new ones in towns. So what should we do in La Courneuve?

You can decide!

Although 50% of La Courneuve residents do not own cars, your elected representatives are constantly being contacted about them, for example about parking, speed limits and how they encroach on public spaces.

Some people believe more parking spaces are needed and a minority choose to ignore the rules and park in places intended for other uses, such as pavements, play areas and entranceways. Others complain of encroachment, arguing that non-compliance with the rules means that public spaces are intimidating and “unsafe”, and they want tighter restrictions to remedy this. So what should we do in La Courneuve?

You can decide!

Traffic regulations around schools are also being debated. Parents of students report that some cars go too fast; while others, and sometimes the same ones, get in the way by parking haphazardly in front of the school gates during drop-off times. Requests have been made for regulations to deal with this. So what should we do around our schools?

You can decide!

There is a speed limit of 30 km/h in towns across France in the interest of safety and to reduce noise and encourage soft mobility such as walking or cycling. Some residents find these measures too restrictive. Many roads in La Courneuve already have a speed limit of 30 km/h. Should we introduce a 30 km/h limit in more parts of our town? What should we do in La Courneuve?

You can decide!

Who is eligible to vote?

All residents over 16, of any nationality.

Documents to present

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of residence in La Courneuve

Where to vote

At one of these polling stations

See the offices

Town centre :

Maison de la Citoyenneté

4000 Nord et Waldeck Rochet :
Maison pour tous Cesária Évora

4000 SUD :
Centre culturel Houdremont

Quatre-Routes :
Maison pour tous Y.Gagarine

Boutique de quartier

On the Notre Avis website

During town meetings held in your neighbourhood

One vote per resident is permitted

In a sitting of the town council, your representatives will put forward and decide on the measures to be taken in response to the results of the referendum.

The results will be announced on Saturday 30 October

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