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Living together means deciding together!

From Tuesday 26 October to Saturday 30 October, we will be holding our first town referendum so that you can have your say.

The four issues to be voted on :

Vélib’ is present in 56 municipalities in the Métropole du Grand Paris. It represents a useful, low-cost and clean method of transport for getting to a station or a neighbouring town. But Vélib’ represents a cost (€10,000 per year and per station for installation and maintenance) for the municipality; the stations take up space on the streets meaning less room for parking and less pavement space; and cycling is not accessible to all. Several municipalities in the region have had access to Vélib’ for many years: Saint-Denis, Aubervilliers, Bondy and Aulnay.

Is La Courneuve not entitled to it? What do we think?

In our society, access to medical care is not the same for all. Yet, it is a right and everyone should be able to benefit from a comprehensive health plan. How many of us have already given up seeking medical treatment because of inadequate reimbursements of the sums paid? Several cities have supported the setting up of affordable complementary health insurance that guarantees better cover. Subject to what conditions? For whom? And how much does it cost the municipality? If health is a common good, is it not up to the inhabitants of La Courneuve to act together to ensure that access to healthcare is possible for all? What do we think?

La Courneuve supports the values of equality, sharing and respect for others. However, currently, several public spaces and local sports facilities are monopolised by certain groups which discourage their use by others: “the strongest” have taken charge. How should we act against these relationships of domination?

Is it necessary to regulate usage, numbers, encourage women to use the public space and ensure diversity? What do we think?

Who is eligible to vote?

All residents over 16, of any nationality.

Documents to present

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of residence in La Courneuve

Where to vote

At one of these polling stations

See the offices

Town centre :

Maison de la Citoyenneté

4000 Nord et Waldeck Rochet :
Maison pour tous Cesária Évora

4000 SUD :
Centre culturel Houdremont

Quatre-Routes :
Maison pour tous Y.Gagarine

Boutique de quartier

On the Notre Avis website

During town meetings held in your neighbourhood

One vote per resident is permitted

In a sitting of the town council, your representatives will put forward and decide on the measures to be taken in response to the results of the referendum.

The results will be announced on Saturday 30 October

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